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Physical description: James Bond is represented in icons by the actor who plays him in my preferred era, Daniel Craig. He stands a bit short (5'7") but what he lacks in height he makes up with a muscular build and well-honed physical condition. Sharp features, with short cropped blond hair and piercing blue eyes. He is most often dressed in high-end clothing (suits and tie, etc.) but may occasionally come in more casually; any specific clothing items will be mentioned in narrative if necessary.

Things to know about his personality: Bond is calculating and highly intelligent, and very, very good at deception. He will likely not give out much information to anyone until he's confident that the threat they pose to him is minimal. He is a bit of a risk taker, and also fond of the finer things in life (women, alcohol, gambling, fast cars, etc. to name a few), which can sometime pose a problem. He may come off as cold or slightly arrogant in threads with your pups. He is wary of forming attachments to things, be it people or places. He can also have a bit of a temper.

Habits/traits: He is confident in his abilities, and when unsure of a situation (or a place such as Milliways, in the beginning) he has the ability to fake the appearance of being comfortable/confident. He will scan his surroundings upon entering a room, or before exiting one. He checks to ensure he's not being followed. If your pup is wearing a weapon, he'll likely notice. (He's nearly always wearing one himself, concealed.) He's a good conversationalist if the conversation suits him, but isn't fond of just rambling on for the sake of talking.

Canon information: Upon his entrance to Milliways Bar, James will be set after his first mission (which confirms his status as a "00" agent), which occurs at the beginning of the film Casino Royale.

Contact the mun: Mun can be reached on AIM at young scurlock with any questions or concerns.

This is the journal of a fictional character involved in RP in various communities, most notably Milliways Bar. Adult content will be present. Please read at your own discretion! No profit is being made by this writing exercise; I don't claim to own the character of James Bond or the images used in icons to represent him. Bond is property of Ian Fleming, Eon Productions, etc. Daniel Craig is property of himself as well. Again, no copyright infringement is intended - this is just for fun!

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